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At least the Ethiopians have constitutional guidelines of how to delimitate the state borders and how to addresss border conflicts between states; what is hard to grasp is how the Eritrean zonal administrations have been carved out.

Similarly, the careers of all politicians end up in failure. The end write amharic paltalk login a gruesome war, in and of itself, is a reason to celebrate. National pronouncements, including sovereign decisions such as giving unlimited access of ports, normalisation of relations before the demarcation of the land that claimed the life of 20, young Eritreans, are being taken by one person.

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You know, as I do, that no one among them was in position to act the way Deng Xiaoping did. This fact is particularly true in third world countries like ours, where there is the added challenge of heterogeneous communities residing in the same territory.

But the problem is how you can square the minimum demand our people has been making with demand of democracy on Scandinavia. Blink Dear Simon Here is a statement made by one person in this forum.

Selam Mahmoud, You are funny! Historical examples were abundant throughout the world for all to see. Selam Simon, our demands are simple: How will act the extremists and worshipers of Isaias?

Just look at this: I think still TPLF can not be trusted even for a causal breakfast place.

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Berekhet among several others. Can a rational mind accept the logic that since movements with guerrilla warfare background had not delivered on democracy and good governance, the one we have in Eritrea is a fait accompli the Eritrean people are fated to live with, and should just hope the rulers could turn to be benevolent and grace them with trickle down tit bits.

Now bear with me and exercise some prudence not to ignore objective and subjective environments that govern success or failure in those cases.

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Kind regards Kbrom Dear Emma, You raised very important points; I agree what you rightly outlined should be the perspective of our roadmap. Tens of thousands youth still in unlimited national service 6. He lied openly in front of the whole world only to score negative on the lie machine.

It involves accomplished personalities such as Dawit Mesfin and Prof. Many Tigrians still think Badme is their land just as welkait is and for this game to rest people need more of peaceful mind.

The war has ended, there is an opportune time for healing wounds. These new arrangements or changes will directly make Eritrean neighbors Tigrai and Afar.

Now you asked me if I could cite instances of former guerrilla movements in governing. To me it just looks like the way the European colonial powers had partitioned Africa.

Welcome back to awate. Why did TPLF do that? It would have honorable had you stated in straightforward language your concern so narrow and limited to ensuring durability of the regime.

Moreover, frightening the Eritreans of fragility of the Eritrean entity and menace of civil war when it suits, and boasting about its solidity and power self-preservation thanks to perseverance and waiting ability of the hero at the its helm is dubious. It is better to follow the path of national development with stepwise refinement.

Even it is becoming clearer that it is more to do with incentive comes with it cash from the real beneficiaries than the two people. I can actually make a good case that the government in Eritrea is the worst in the world. Amanuel Hi Kbrom I agree with your points above. Many people compare the opposition with their peers in neighbouring countries, for example in Ethiopia and Sudan.

Can you please share with us the good news so we can join you! Bickering about this peace deal will not help us to influence the future, however, being proactive and campaign for constitutional government in Eritrea will definitely get traction.

Constitutional matters rule of law, minimum liberties and freedomsconcern for old and recent refugees, accountability for the loss the nation had incurred in the past decades etc. More than ten thousand Eritreans are currently languishing in known and unknown prison camps as they were before June 5.

It takes careful treading but things are on the right track.

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What your are telling is that peace should be as germane as it can be for the regime. This always makes them subject to grave mistakes that will result on a catastrophic situation.

The G could have done a Deng Xiaoping [and associates] or a Gorbachev [and friends] i. Some of them warned us about the dangers of the absence of rule of law in Eritrea and started the tough task of opposing the regime as early as when most of us were ridiculing them, blurred by the colourful lights of the hey days fantasies.

If the opposition camp wants to bring change in Eritrea, it needs to be forward looking and take a big chunk of the silent majority with it.Amharic Keyboard is a custom keyboard application that allows you to type and send emails and PDFs, print, and post to Facebook and Twitter in Amharic.

Login or create an account to post a Category: Utilities & Operating Systems. Online keyboard to type a text with the Tamil alphabet. Sheh Ibrahim Siraj - Amharic Quran Tefsir abubaker Added 5 years ago jzk khyre for all you upload quran tefsir, just want to suggest that if you can write the sura and aya number ustaze Said is giving it will help save time bint ibrahim Added 5 years ago masha allah jezakumullah kheyer Mohammed seid Added 5 years ago Yigar maal yebati sawoch yesarut ye irq huneetaa.

Aug 30,  · Ethiopian news: wine-cloth.com EMF to discuss. daily Ethiopian news, discussion forum, music, video, audio and sport news from Ethiopia. Write Amharic letters online without installing Amharic keyboard. This online keyboard allows you to type Amharic letters using any computer keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.

Aug 08,  · Paltalk Express is a web-based version of Paltalk with fewer features but may give you the functions you need. It may also be that Paltalk will work with Amharic if you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, but I have not tested this.

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