The worst manager you have ever

She showed us how to behave through her actions, always going the extra mile for customers and learning from difficulties and issues we faced.

Even if you did not have any supervisors that you particularly liked, find a way to focus on the positive traits of at least one of your previous managers.

My colleagues and I did not know how to react to the lack of leadership which meant that much of what we did was self-taught. Do not be vague in your answer, because it might appear that you are lying. This sociability was fine; however, it often got in the way of his success because he would become belligerent towards the staff and they would quit.

I respected that trait and learned to be more like him by working smarter. It was certainly frustrating, but it taught me that I could figure out a way to thrive and be successful with or without active leadership.

However, she spent her days complaining about her lack of training rather than seek it out herself. If possible, generalize positive characteristics from more than one of your supervisors to show a positive outlook on management as a whole.

What makes a good manager? As well as showing you understand management, you can also highlight attributes of good leadership, talking about such as vision, inspiration and integrity. First, they may be seeking your view on what makes a good manager. But that is where I learned how to work smart and efficiently.

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Tell me about the best manager you had.

He would breeze in and out, was rarely around during the work day and would drop in to take credit for any sales. Have you had any great managers? He has over ten years experience creating interview questions.


I always told myself that if I were a manager, I would be a knowledgeable one who would encourage my team to be the best.

He spent a great deal of time mentoring me and teaching me many work related things.

Tell me about the best manager you ever had.

He lost a lot of customers because of his behavior as well. The bar owner was a real hot-head who loved to drink with the regulars. I became a great employee because of him.Aug 26,  · I have worked in the industry over 20 years. The only manager that I would honestly classify as a tyrant was Robert Gilbert of Oklahoma.

Who's the worst manager you ever had? Update Cancel. ad by And you know what? These jibes are not even what make him the worst manager. He is worst person i have ever seen in my life.

I usually dont have this much of hatred for anyone but him. Me& my dear friend who was also working under him used to talk about capturing his. We’ve all had one: a boss, manager, or team leader who could have come in first at a competition for for the World’s Worst Managers.

But what makes.

Tell me about the worst manager you ever had.

How to Answer "Describe Your Best Boss and Worst Boss" Andy Peloquin. Share. Tweet. Share + and I've been able to forge a strong working relationship with my manager or supervisor. I have had a rocky start with a boss or two, but that's just because we had different expectations.

Have you ever been asked this question in an interview. Your worst manager may have been someone who didn't know how to take the lead. Maybe they lacked confidence or training. Talk to the interviewer about an experience you've had with a manager who was not a strong leader.

Feb 16,  · By far and the most unethical, Andy Devine.

Who is the worst manager you have ever worked for past or present?

He should have been fired years ago.

The worst manager you have ever
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